Episode 31

Alcohol-Free Lifestyle with Alysse Bryson

This week's guest at Recover Like A Mother Podcast is Alysse Bryson, a strong woman in recovery and an innovative media maven, marketing guru, and gal about town. She has a humorous outlook on life combined with a fierce determination to succeed. She's the founder and CEO of The Sober Curator, a resource for those seeking content related to recovery or a zero-proof lifestyle, keeping any person seeking an alcohol free lifestyle entertained and informed by curating, reviewing, and contributing fun and interesting recovery content.


Listen in to this episode as we talk about her journey to recovery and how sobriety and life without alcohol does not have to be boring.


Connect with Alysse:

Instagram: @thesobercurator

Website: thesobercurator.com




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Hi Friend, my name is Lane Kennedy, I no longer drink alcohol, eat Snicker Bars, or try to be the best at everything, I no longer seek perfection, what a relief! I live in recovery, every day, 365 days a year, I don't slip up on the actions I need to take in order to stay sober, at least not yet. I'm a mom of an awesome neurodivergent eleven-year-old son, tea drinker, Irish Wolfhound lover, and an ex jack*ss!
Recover Like A Mother has been created with you in mind; it's taken me decades to fully own my sobriety in this ingenious way. My last drink was Dec. 31, 1996. Recovery is more than putting down the drink and doing a few rounds of a Twelve Step Program, yes that may be fine for some and is wonderful for many but for me, recovery is more. Giving up a drink or whatever the thing is that distracts or robs you of life is a true beginning. There is more to discover in continuous sobriety. Recovery is searching underneath, looking beyond the norm, answering questions we don't want to, finding new ways to connect with the deep inner resource that so many don't take the time for, or are simply confused with the how-tos on connecting with it these days. Recover Like A Mother is a holistic approach to finding quiet pockets of calm in your life, living a life without alcohol or drugs, finding continuous true contentment, being happy, lowering your cortisol, sleeping more deeply, reversing one's age, being a brilliant mom, and turning the inside reactive voice into a caring and kind Mother.
Recovery is everything to me, and I'm ready to share that with you, are you a Mother In Recovery too?